Monday, October 21, 2019

Do you know all the tools from Google?

The G from google comes probably from Gigant because it is the king of networks, it has all the apps we need and so much more, plus is the number one search tool!

Your email account could be used for work or personal but it has several tools within like photos, drive, documents, and you can keep adding more and more to use. (This is great for people who doesn't have enough space in their phones)

What are the basic apps most used from your G account?

I'll say (and I only speak for me and family) that is the mail, drive, documents, photos, youtube, maps, blogger, music, calendar, hangouts, and classroom.

But this is only a small list!!

How do you share your location on G-Maps?

 From the G Maps, you can not only find an address, you get to save your favourites locations, label areas, public and private, make special itineraries for when you travel, and you can also share your own location with your loved ones, this is great for parents with teenagers.
For this, you need to open in your phone maps, and on the left column there is under notifications "location sharing" tap on it and you will be able to add the email (or contact) you want to add. The person requested will receive an email to approve it, and once it's done, you are all set!

So many of you speak one language so G Translates, helps you understand better and teaches you, of course, is not perfect at the end is a computer, sooner than later will be able to "understand" how the syntax works.

G-Keep, is like Evernote you can save all the information it comes to your mind and save audios as well.

G-Sites, if you don't want a website, but you need a portfolio, a CV, this is the place where you can show about you and your work. If you want to know how to complete the G Site, come on over and I'll show you the steps you need to do to get a personal feel like website by Google.

Youtube Kids, is great, I think I use this account al the time, is wonderful for your kids and has parental controls!

There are so many, here is a list!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

How to use Google SITES as web page?

Hello and welcome to my blog!

 Earlier I posted a blog talking about the apps you can most use (or should I) if you use other ones, please feel free to share them with me as well, I love to learn new things all the time!

Let's get back to the tutorial, the first step is going to your G-Site and for that, you need to click on the grid of 9 squares next to your picture in your G-account of email or drive or whatever page you are on it.

At first, you wouldn't be able to find it, if you keep going down you'll see there is a link with more products of google,  and keep all the way down till you found it. If is too much trouble just click here, and it will take you right away!

When open it asks you to press the PLUS sign to start editing your site and to see the steps, check this link

And you will be able to see how I did it. Of course, I make it simple because I already have a website. One, that cost me so little that I will tell you how I did it if you don't feel like the Site is enough for you!

Do you like the final product?  You can edit and add more stuff to your site. The important thing is to have the time and the "wanting mood", don't be afraid, doing mistakes is the only way to learn!

Thank you for reading to me! Let me know if you like it!!

Friday, October 18, 2019

What to look when choosing a color for your new brand

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Welcome to this series of  "how to make a blog" 

I know how overwhelmed seems to make a website if you are not a tech person. Lucky for us there is a bunch of tips, and tricks for the Internet that explains how you can do it, the only problem with that, is there are too many voices! So I will resume the steps for you.

I'll try to put it as easy as it goes for the ones who have never played with the tools of google or other tools and I will explain a little bit more for you.

First of all (once you have your niche idea) you need to set up some colors for your brand, your niche, your website... 

 I recommend you search for the colors you want your page to be. It is important to use 1, 2 up to 3 colors, but more it will look like a pollock picture!

You need to remember that less is more, people love simplicity, minimal style, colors that make them feel appealing for them to visit your website.

The tones are very important, they induce you to a sense of tranquility, or a vibrant mood with bold colors, pastels, greens, florals, etc. It is all about psychology!

I read an article from Canva, that facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is daltonic, he confuses green from red, however, he can see all the shades from blue. His option might not be studied but you know he succeeded!

I guess if facebook was red, it may have not worked, since is a bright color, it brings attention, energy, and heat. It's also an emotional tone, referred to love and hate and all between. Probably not a color for the facebook goal, which was related to finding your friends, family and reconnect to your pals!

I have noticed many web sites have pastel gold colors, also knowns as muted colors, beige's, black's, gold rose and white like this:

 You can check in google what are the best palettes to use, or what do you want the public to feel, to sense...  there are different tools  in internet, you can just put palettes, and you will have many results, but another place where you can play with colors will be canva,If you don't have a canva account, please hurry up and open a free account, because is a great tool for creating without the knowledge of Photoshop, CAD, or other more complex programs. This will help you to find and combine the colors you may need for your brand!

If you need more information about colors, check this article!

Andrea Stan in her article let us know what are the 8 dazzling color trends in 2019

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ronda, a number one city for tourism in Andalusia

The town is essentially divided into two main districts: the town itself, which is older and does not extend very far in a southerly direction, and the Mercadillo district, which is also an old quarter but has been expanded with the introduction of modern buildings. The town stands on a rocky plateau which is abruptly broken by the gorge of the River Guadalevîn known as El Tajo, which is some 160 meters deep.
It is a beautiful place to visit, a whole day to enjoy in the old part of Ronda. Long-time ago you can enter free to many areas, now if you want to visit some places you need to pay between 3 to 4 euros. 
Lucky you can see the most important free. If you bring your kids (toddlers) bring the troller because they will get tired soon. Get ready to
Push that troller in slippery streets! 
and get water as well, you will drink tons of water!
There is several stores that sell hats, check prices it ranges from 6€ to 19€. I bought them at the beginning of the pedestrian street for 8€!
You can see in this picture, on the right corner some hats! The sun burns your skin diferently in the mountain compared to the beach. Don’t forget to protect yourselve as I said before keep drinking water to avoid dehydration and use sunscreen too. 
If you are driving, let me tell you in the morning there is no parking space, if you dedice to come after 5pm you may find! We parked on the Industrial area and walked all over Ronda. Is not too far!
Here I attach Ronda’s Map so you can check it out better. There are tons of things to ser and you can choose what is better for your budget!

If you like the adventure there are caves you canvisit like the  Cat Cave where transparent water torefresh yourself or you can choose to do a boogie tour ( super fun). 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hotel y Camping el Cortijo Rural

Before deciding where to go we found this nice hotel in booking! Check it out!

It has two buildings with rooms, 4 bungalows, a huge pool and a small one for the kids! Restaurant and cafeteria. A minigolf, tennis and padel courts and also space available for campers!! 

Really nice!

Here I drop some pictures for you!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Traveling to Andalusia

Holidays in Spain.

You are in Barcelona but decided to go to Malaga! Wonderful Idea! 
There are great options if you take an airplane, really good deals. Or you can get some train tickets, also good too, but let’s say you want to drive, well there are two best times to drive long distances, one,- if you are an owl kind of person, drive-in night time! Way less traffic than usual. 
Two,- get up ar 4;30 in the morning and drive, you had rested several hours which means you will be fresh to drive, not that much traffic either and less tired when you get to your destination.

We did the first one and we are exhausted, couldn’t sleep in the car, so total zombies! Either way the first and last days are mostly spent on travel. 

When you choose a hotel, don’t take the first deal that appears in your search. Go through, check reviews, areas, and prices. We rented in a Hotel and camping and it is so much worth it. The rooms might be modest but cafeteria, pool, living room area, green and eco, plus family place (if you travel with kids) also if you are traveling with your partner in crime.
We have this awesome hotel in Ronda and it’s definitely great deal, 6 nights 350€ with breakfast and dinner included! Can you beat that?

Now I am exhausted😴 reason why I’m going to bed! 
I will continue to share my trips and the itinerary of tomorrow!

Have sweet dreams y’all!!q

Monday, August 5, 2019

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Hey Guys!

I know how hard is to make your own website if you are not a tech nerd! And you will be spending tons of time researching which is the best way of blogging, the cheapest one and so on.

 I had try WordPress too and I love it, but I decided to use the tools that Google gives me, and today I want to share my knowledge on creating your own web site or blog using blogger.  Also it could be free (almost) :) Let's say less than 20 bucks every year....  how that sounds to you? ( I may add more $$ than what really is)

I don't have any affiliate links in my blog, so if you feel like donating for the good information, I'll be very thankful!

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So let's start for the basic! Everybody lately has a Gmail account because, is complete, easy to use, to save pictures from your phone, drive, and photos connected as well and so many more G apps that you don't know but if you feel interested here is the link to my article Do you know all the tools from Google?